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Can Not Stop

2013-02-24 14:50:41 by dillpickle987


So close.

2010-12-04 03:26:43 by dillpickle987

I have Photoshop. Now it is time to start Project 139.

It came to me in a (day)dream.

2010-02-15 04:35:20 by dillpickle987

I want to make a webcomic. I've already drawn up the main characters, and thought up the first few comics. I've even set up an account on a site that will host my webcomic. Recently, though, I had a dream one night and it was an idea for a Flash animation with the characters I drew. I'm well-written in the art of Photoshop (due to the plethora of courses I took), so inking and coloring would be no problem. My major obstacle is that I don't even have Photoshop, so for obvious reasons, my ideas can't come into fruition.

Maybe one day...

It came to me in a (day)dream.